Curriculum Content

This project aims to support new and innovative training and professional development opportunities for Aboriginal early childhood staff and educators, as well as parents, while at the same time enhancing their essential literacy skills through the Aboriginal Family and Community Literacy Curriculum.

Topics covered in the online Learning Units include:

Aboriginal Family and Community Literacy

Aboriginal Approaches to Literacy and Learning

Building an Aboriginal Family Literacy Initiative

Early Literacy and Aboriginal Children

Storytelling for Aboriginal Children and Families

Effective Communication in the Workplace and Home

Each Learning Unit contains nine parts. These include:

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Content (Readings and PowerPoints)
  • Part 2: Learning into Practice
  • Part 3: Online Resources
  • Part 4: Supplemental Resources and Readings
  • Part 5: Summarizing Learning
  • Part 6: Review
  • Part 7: Sharing Your Ideas
  • Reflection