Program Transformations

Applying New Knowledge:

The recent site visits revealed further applications of the curriculum content. Some examples of the AFCLC training impact on AHS programs included:

  • Book centres became more prominent in learning areas with appropriate children’s book selections for children, making literacy materials more accessible
  • Aboriginal children’s picture books were adapted to include the Aboriginal language.
  • Materials created for AFCLC were made accessible to parents through newsletters or on posters and handouts.
  • Narrated PowerPoints from the AFCLC learning units were shared with staff and parents.
  • As a result of their co-workers involvement in the AFCLC training, staff members have been introduced to the value of oral storytelling, encouraged to incorporate families and Elders into their programming, provided with strategies to promote Indigenous language learning, and had access to new professional development materials.

Quotes from participants:

“I am going to be developing Aboriginal literacy sacks for my site – yippee!”

“Activities to do with our PAC as well as storytelling ideas.”