Learning Unit 6 – Sample

Effective Communication

Part 5: Review

In this learning unit we explore ways to support Aboriginal youth with literacy practices associated in- and out-of-school and that also honour their language, culture, values, and traditions. The learning unit is applicable to literacy programs that are already incorporating youth literacy components in family literacy programs or for those who are thinking about introducing or incorporating youth literacy and Aboriginal language traditions as a new initiative at their project site.

Specifically, in this unit, you are introduced to:

  • Concepts about Integrating literacy-learning experiences that honour culture, values, and traditions pivotal to the participation and success of Aboriginal youth in program settings.
  • Concepts that build on knowledge skills that support in- and-out-of school literacies and connect to experiences that engage youth.
  • Opportunities for youth to learn from Elders, Knowledge Keepers, mentors, and positive role models in programs.
  • Engagement with Indigenous languages in contemporary forms that provide meaningful experiences for Aboriginal youth.