Curriculum Delivery

This curriculum has been developed for mixed-mode delivery, where participants take part in training through face-to-face gatherings, online and independent learning opportunities.

Independent learning

Participants taking part in the AFCLC training receive a binder containing print copies of the six Learning Units and three discs containing the accompanying narrated power points. This allows those taking part in the training to work through the materials on their own time and creates access to the content if a computer is not always readily available.

Online learning

All of the materials included in the binder and on the discs is available online. Although the participants could choose the format with which to complete the curriculum, the online learning option provides opportunities to engage with materials and others taking part in the training. The online format allows participants to share ideas and network with others as they move through the learning opportunities in the online format.

An online facilitator assists participants and maintains contact throughout their online participation. Training in the online learning component takes place during face-to-face gatherings.

Face-to-face gatherings

Participants attend face-to-face gatherings where they are introduced to the learning units and provided with training to support their participation in the curriculum online. The goals of these gatherings are to: 1) develop critical concepts related to family literacy and Aboriginal epistemologies and pedagogies, and 2) provide practical and experiential learning opportunities related to curriculum content.

Examples of topics covered in our gatherings include:

  • What is family literacy and how can we engage and support Aboriginal families taking part in literacy initiatives?
  • Aboriginal family literacy and adaptations for early learning settings?
  • Models of Aboriginal Family Literacy and Best Practices in Aboriginal Family Literacy
  • Role of Aboriginal culture, language and traditions in family literacy initiatives
  • Parent and community engagement in Aboriginal Family Literacy